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Imperial Secrets

May 2024

My debut novel, set in Thailand and London.

A rare and ancient manuscript, saved from destruction and hidden since colonial times, is discovered in the basement of the British Library. 

A secret that links two great chefs, separated from each other by 250 years.

Wrenched from a nation at war, the manuscript’s original owner escapes death and takes flight by river to an old Siamese trading port, hundreds of miles away. In the company of an opium- and gin-crazed Dutch ship’s captain, he begins a sea voyage through vibrant coastal towns and violent storms, leading not to his freedom but to cruel betrayal by those in whom he has placed his trust.

When the manuscript’s new owner realises what she has discovered, she returns with it to modern-day Thailand, awakening long-dormant ancient spirits. But when the manuscript escapes Siam once more, 

a new trail of destruction is created in its wake...

What would you do to own the Imperial secrets?

front cover of Imperial Secrets

Available now in paperback and e-book

Troubador publishing



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